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Stag 15 SPR RH QPQ 18 in 5.56 Rifle FDE SL NA

Inspired by the legendary Mk 12 Special Purpose Rifle, Stag Arms set out to design a useful and versatile rifle that offers today's AR-15 enthusiast all the utility of the Mk 12 in a modern package.
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22 LR - 40 Grain CPRN - Aguila Super Extra - 2000 Rounds

The 22 LR is like potato chips – one is never enough. If you want to take care of your next several range days and plinking sessions all at once, then you couldn’t do much better than a 2,000-round case of Super Extra ammo by Aguila!
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Mini Beryl Pistol -

Week of 6/14 Expect to see Zastava Arms ZPAP M70 Walnut rifles and ZPAP 85 Tac pistols later this week. Ammunition inventory continues to improve and many calibers in stock. Chinese SKS rifles will be released Thurs or Fri.
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